She likes to think like a publisher, but act like a brand. 


Unsah Malik is the author of SLASHED IT: The Ultimate Social Media & Influencer Marketing Guide, with a total of 10 years in-house experience creating and leading social media/influencer strategies for some of the biggest publications (newspaper and magazine), broadcasters (in-house and production company) and brands across a range of industries.

With her 360 understanding of all the counterparts required to build a long-term growth strategy on social media for startups and big brands alike, she has grown to hit some big KPIs and score some big wins too (see experience details on her LinkedIn).

Her ebook is loved and used with proven results from brands, agencies, marketing professionals and influencers who utilise her rules and techniques for all social platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube. 

It extensively covers effective audience development (no one grows unless they nail this, no matter how good the content looks), branding (no, not just aesthetics... it’s far more than that), finding a niche with demand (stop confusing your potential audience), community building (it’s what social media is about), content creation for real results (no, not just the follower count... vanity metrics say very little!), myth busters (say goodbye to fake news about hashtags, algorithms etc.), the real deal on influencer marketing (contracts, finding the right influencers, how to budget effectively, events, plus how influencers should charge for their work), basic paid media (her emphasis is organic growth but she does believe every social strategist should have at least a basic understanding of paid) and way, way, way more. 

Unsah has been featured in various media outlets such as Wonderland Magazine, BBC, ELLE, Glossy Co., The Sun, Metro, Woman's Magazine, Finance Digest, Women In The City and Real Business and more. 

She is available for limited social media/influencer strategy projects and consultations depending on her availability. Please email her directly at

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